How much #reallife do we want to see on Instagram?

What do you share and what don’t you share on social media? I have no idea anymore in this day and age where we’re constantly sharing everything. I think we can all agree that we don’t need to see only perfect photos and videos. Because in addition to our social media lives, we also have a normal one. ‘Normal’ in the sense of crying because your cat died, waking up with extra neck wrinkles and netflixing all day in your favourite washed-out pyjamas. Not exactly things I see passing by on Instagram. Maybe my friends don’t have cats these days or maybe no one’s watching Netflix anymore?

“But I don’t need to see whining and tears from friends on social media either,” says a friend to me as we walk my dachshund Belle. He tells me about a friend who uses his Instagram Stories to show what’s bothering him every day with the tag: #reallife. He shares all details of his love life, his sad mornings and all the criticism he has of society. Sometimes he even cries right into the camera as if he’s not recording. I wonder how he does that? Does he have a selfie stick?

I somewhat share my friend’s opinion, because I too don’t want to deal with other people’s daily worries. But why only share the happiness and perfection? Surely that’s not in line with reality? Do all my model friends on Instagram really have shoots every day and are they really that happy every day? We make each other crazy. It makes us insecure. I know I am. The other day, I just unfollowed some people because I couldn’t take it anymore. Not really zen, I know, but who cares.

However, some people’s active life with all their success and beauty doesn’t bother me at all. One of my greatest sources of inspiration is Tanja Kok, known under the name: @helpikbenmodel. She writes and vlogs about her daily activities and emotions. She shares her vulnerabilities, useful tips and is involved with her followers. Now those are stories I look forward to. I think the key is to share with honesty. Then it becomes contagious.

Whichever way you look at it, we all pretend to be better than we really are and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As long as we keep daring to share our ‘ordinary’ lives as well. 

Belle, my dachshund, stops and takes a poop. I take a picture of it for her  @teckelbelle Instagram page. Who knows, she might inspire another dachshund or someone might think: ew, unfollow that dachshund. To me, everything is relative and in the meantime it’s all about nothing. Inhale and exhale.