‘because there is no planet b’

That’s why Elize Been only works with sustainable brands.

No fast fashion, no plastic, no animal cruelty and no child labour. It’s that simple. Only beautiful sustainable fashion pieces, vegan skincare and vegetarian food.


1. ANIMAL LOVE Every single day, 1.7 million animals are killed in the Netherlands alone. These animals are slaughtered without any need, because people can live perfectly well without animal products. That’s why Elize is committed to animal-friendly products, vegan fashion and delicious vegetarian/vegan food. All animals deserve a chance to live. Just like Belle the Dachshund. 

2. SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT Before Elize became a model, she worked for years as a social worker. She knows exactly what’s going on in society and that life is so much more than materialism. Elize wants to make an impact by consciously choosing the brands she works for. Animal friendliness, human rights, the use of materials that have less impact on our environment and fair working conditions are the most important values to her.

3. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY Clothes that are worn out after three washes: no, thanks. Elize loves the minimalist lifestyle, she lives in a tiny house and only owns things and clothes that spark joy. It’s better to have a few good basics than to have new junk made by children every season. That’s why she supports good quality pieces that last. Better for you, better for everyone. 

4. RESPONSIBILITY Our planet gives us so much every day and we humans don’t always take such good care of it. As a greenfluencer, Elize tries her best to protect Mother Nature. For example, she rejects all fast fashion shoot projects and plants two trees with Treesforall for every new shooting. She hopes to set an example for all models and influencers to give something back to our earth, whatever that may be.

5. IT’S MORE FUN Since Elize made the choice to work for green brands only, she is happier than ever. This choice fits 100% with her lifestyle. It is her experience that, generally, green brands also employ much nicer people. That makes working a lot easier and more pleasant.

With every shoot, Elize plants 2 trees.

Apart from working with sustainable brands and green models, Elize wants to give something back to our planet. Therefore, with each model booking and every content shoot, she plants two trees via the non-profit reforestation foundation: Trees for All. This way, the more we do for your sustainable brand, the bigger we can grow the Belle & Co forest! Check out here how it works.