Are you in search of captivating green content? Look no further! Elize is here to create it just for you. She will organize a comprehensive green photoshoot from start to finish. Additionally, she can also create Instagram content for your brand, which she will share on her own Instagram. This way, she becomes an ambassador for your brand—a true win-win situation.

To make things even better, Elize offers social media subscriptions, allowing you to receive frequent content tailored to your green brand. Simply sign up if you’re interested in such a subscription, and within 24 hours, Elize will provide you with all the details and a personalized quote.

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Belle & Co only produces content for sustainable, kind, and green brands. All their shoots are produced locally in Utrecht, because that is where their “Villa Villekulla” is located as well as their green photo studio. Next to their studio and home they also shoot on location, near the canals of Utrecht for example. Depending on your brand and story, Elize will find the perfect location that will make your product or brand speak the most.

The content team is built up of a photographer, a videographer, a stylist working with sustainable brands, and a make-up and hair artist. All located in Utrecht to produce as sustainable as possible. Did you know they all move around the city on their bikes during shoots?

looking for Green models and influencers?

All our talents have been selected because of their fantastic and approachable appearance. More importantly, they all have a close relationship with Mother Nature and they all live a sustainable life. Most models don’t eat meat, some are even vegan. Some are sustainable entrepreneurs themselves. Others prefer to shop their gems at second-hand shops. And there are real moms and dads who try to raise their children as green as possible.

One thing is certain: they all fit perfectly to your sustainable brand.


We stand for a loving relationship with all living beings around us. People, planet and animals as a whole. Respect stands or falls with the choices you make. We exclusively choose for people and brands that are also working towards a better future of the planet. With Belle & Co we want to change the way we look at our environment. Striving towards a green view of sustainability where the earth is being respected and every animal and person  living on it to have a great life.