ABOUT Elize Been

Model, influencer and artist. 

Looking for a redhead model

and happy green content?


Elize loves everything creative from modeling to content creation, from blogging to the production side of photoshoots. Her experience of being a fulltime content creator and model since 2015 prove this is where her talents lie. Mother Nature and animals play an important role in her life. Because of that she named her production studio after her beloved dachshund Belle. 

Everything Elize has done in her career has been due to her passion, beliefs, and dedication. She created her own modeling career by connecting with clients herself. Unlike most of the modeling industry depending on modeling agencies. Her photo shoots abroad are arranged by her friend Naomi. This way she keeps everything close to her values and makes her own choices about which brands she wants to work with. This personal approach is really what makes her stand out on the market.

Elize has no doubt that everything is possible if you believe in yourself, regardless of what others might tell you. ‘I love to inspire others to chase their dreams and to make the best sustainable choices’.

Why Choose Elize?

Elize is the Nederlands’ first greenfluencer. As one of the first sustainable influencers she has years of experience as a model and knows exactly what brands need and are looking for. She is also just great fun on set. Her clients would describe her as a true joy to work with.

Elize creates content for sustainable brands. This ensures that the brands she works with connect with each other and are of interest of her followers. She also only models for green brands and creates inspiring and interesting content with them. Due to her success, she can no longer do this alone and therefore she has collected a team of talented sustainable professionals around her including a sustainable stylist, a make-up and hair artist, a videographer, and a photographer. All located in the beautiful city Utrecht. Close to home and close to her heart.

Elize always strives for the best results and pushes herself beyond any boundaries and challenges. She works hard to share her passion and hopes to inspire as many people as possible to have a greener approach to life. Have a look to see what big brands say about her.


Elize only collaborates with sustainable brands that care about their social and environmental impact. Working for fast fashion brands like ZARA, H&M and Primark is no option for her.

A T-shirt costing €4,- doesn’t exist. Someone somewhere is paying the price, and this is not an industry Elize wants to promote or contribute to. Being a model means representing a brand and therefore it is very important for Elize to stand 100% behind the brands and their mission she works with. Because there is no planet B. Working conditions and animal welfare are important topics for Elize and she hopes that her work may contribute to a more sustainable fashion and modeling industry.